How about We put our money where Our mouth is!

At our cost we will build you a HUGE internet web matrix where your website will come up on Page 1 Google FOR SEARCHES TO YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES

This is the key to generating business from the Net.

Your site must come up on Google Page 1 when people look for your products & services

  • NO upfront money - ever
  • NO long term contract – just month to month
  • Max monthly fee $200 – if you don’t like it or don’t get lots of new business leads then just don’t pay no questions asked
  • We never need to touch your existing site

If you want New Business from the Net
You MUST come up on Page One Google when people look for your Products & Services!
We have successfully built many 100’s of online search engine lead generation campaigns for clients from Townsville to Hobart to Perth achieving Page 1 with all leading search engines:
Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AOL and

The Bottom Line  
Your Search Results Are Guaranteed.  
Results First – Pay Later!

What we Guarantee:  

  • We have NO long term contract – month to month - if you don’t get business or come off Page 1 for ONE DAY during the month simply don’t pay with no questions asked
  • You can cancel anytime simply by not paying us our monthly fee!
  • We will absorb all of the upfront costs to secure domain names, build the sites, get them ranked, hosted and such
  • We have a flat rate of from just $50 a week to get your site on Page 1 for the searches people make for your products in your location
  • We guarantee that you stay on Page 1 for every day every month

We are so experienced at what we do (we have 10’s of 1000’s of page 1 sites on Google ) that there is Zero risk in us investing our time and resources into working with you where we will create internet sites for your products and get them ranked on page 1 Google

We know from experience that once we have a client on our low monthly fees and they are generating business we keep them in a mutually beneficial stable win/win relationship

Get some of the Worlds smartest internet Mind’s on your side generating New Business for you. Call us today.

Why / how are we able to do this?

  • We have over 25 years’ experience in programming, building websites and software development, building sites and consulting to 100’s of businesses in Aus’ the USA, Canada, NZ, Asia and Europe
  • Over the past 8 years we have invested over $1.5 M into developing software, methodologies and systems to where we can get at least 95% of all the sites we put live onto Page 1 Google

There is No Risk to you doing business with us.

Just give us the go ahead and we will show you what we can do for you.

  • To dramatically raise targeted traffic to your website typically from 80% - 1500%  
  • Raise revenues by increasing number of leads and sales with boost in visitor traffic. All Page 1 drives only qualified visitors to your website because visitors qualify themselves. They take the initiative to turn on a computer, open a search engine, type in a keyword then click on your site in preference to others.
  •  You can see the monthly stats on the number of visitors / hits to your sites  
  • Target qualified customers in your business area for your products and services.  
  •  Expand by geographic areas or reinforce existing market share throughout Australia.  
  •  Become key industry online player by capturing competitive, and profitable search spots on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing,, AOL and other search engines.

All Page 1 is a leading Australian search marketing company with over 20 years’ experience in website construction, programming and software development

All Page 1 provides search result success to many 100’s of clients from sole traders to many of the World’s largest multinationals.

We have decades of experience in website design and software programming to achieve all of your search marketing goals and go beyond.

We know there is a budget to work with and that budget has to turn into revenues within a time period. All Page 1 works closely with your team in order to achieve and surpass your objectives by driving targeted and motivated customer prospects to your site.

  • Reduce cost of acquiring new customers by targeting them on search engines with keywords that receive highest search volume and deliver highest conversion rate. 
  • Increase brand awareness by increasing traffic from third party industry websites via All Page 1 link enhancement services. 
  • Know what your competitors are doing, take advantage of their weaknesses and position your organization to compete with their strengths through All Page 1 website & competition analysis. 
All Page 1 understands that to succeed in search marketing and bring measurable results that speak numbers you require a strong partner that gets search results and understands your objectives and works in tandem with your revenue goals.

We offer advanced search engine services untouched by any of our competitors such as customized targeting of your customers by geographic areas, full focused lead generating campaigns, in-depth research into the language your customers use, all round awareness of competition, online industry trends and more.

All Page 1 aims to form a long lasting relationship with your company and we are confident we meet your criteria for professional partnership.

Call All Page 1™ now 0418 115 668 or email us here to get started with search marketing
and propel your company to the best spots on leading search engines.