The All Page 1 Results First – Pay Later Guarantee 

It is most likely that we ALREADY have a Page 1 site for your products and services ALREADY generating leads - waiting to be linked to your website! 

This is part of our exclusive Ranked & Ready Internet business where we: 

  • create sites for products ( such as Accountant Albury … Laser Cutting Sydney etc ) 
  • get the sites ranked on page 1 
  • link them to your website 
  • lease them to clients like yourself interested in the inquiries / hits going to your site 
No one else in Australia does this.

You don’t have to wait for results – we are already generating leads / hits now for your products and services…guaranteed! 

This TOTALLY Eliminates the risk of investing into long term contracts in search engine optimization (SEO) 

The All Page 1 Ranked & Ready TM Solutions removes the risk of investing in SEO as we guarantee your results before you pay. 

All Page 1 has NO long term contract – only month to month for last month’s results – you can simply stop at any time with No questions asked.

There are NO upfront fees with All Page 1 – We do the work for you at our cost (unless you have a major rebuild of your site or no current website or something similar) 

Avoid paying a large up-front positioning fee. Get the All Page 1 Guarantee.

The All Page 1 Guarantee: 

  1. We guarantee your website; products and services will get on 1st-page for Google search engine results.
  2. We guarantee no up-front positioning fees. You only pay after we provide documented 1st-page results/ stats.
  3. We guarantee to keep you on 1st-page results each month, or you don't pay for that month.
  4. We guarantee to optimize your website for up to 20 different product keyword phrases.
  5. We guarantee to provide monthly reports that document all of your 1st-page positions.
  6. We guarantee to give you the ‘back end’ stats login passwords so that you can look at the number of hits you get daily / weekly / monthly 
  7. We guarantee to charge a fixed monthly fee for our positioning service.
  8. This is not a variable cost or a pay-per-click campaign where you disappear once your monthly budget is reached. 
At All Page 1 you don't pay for optimisation work - you invest in the 1st-page results which we achieve and document every month.

Call All Page 1™ now 0418 115 668 or email us here to get started with search marketing
and propel your company to the best spots on leading search engines.